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Fine Portraiture and Frames

2013.02.12 15:39:39
Jeff Killion

Photographs taken at the Ag Warrior Benefit with Col. Oliver North during the World Ag EXPO can be seen and ordered by clicking on the link below.


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2010.04.27 02:40:39
Jeff Killion

Gainsborough Studio will be open for your Prom Portraits at 227 East Kern Avenue in Tulare.

Here is the image of our background for the . . .



Remember that we start at 4PM and appointments are available or you can just come in.

Be sure to come back to this "Blog" or visit GainsboroughStudio on Facebook.

Package price list is available at:

See you on the 8th of May . . . Make your appointment early to avoid waiting in line.

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2010.03.26 06:01:13
Jeff Killion

May 8th is the big day. Gainsborough Studio will be open for your Prom Portraits. As soon as we know the theme we will design a background and have that image online.

Be sure to come back to this "Blog" or visit GainsboroughStudio on Facebook.

Package price list is available at:

See you on the 8th of May . . . Make your appointment early to avoid waiting in line.


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2010.03.12 04:53:27
Jeff Killion

Here is the image of our background for the

March 20th "Backwards Dance"



















Remember that we start at 4PM and appointments are available or you can just come in.

Package price list is available at:

or see us on Facebook!


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2009.12.24 07:40:47
Jeff Killion

Soon there will be information on this blog regarding:

Digital Camera Workshop

Adobe PhotoShop Class (versions 4.0 thru CS3)

If you are interested in either of these, class size will be limited, so just send me an email to let me know that you are interested. Please put in the subject line either "Camera Workshop" or "PhotoShop Class" and send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    and this will put you on the top of the list..


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2009.12.24 03:32:52
Jeff Killion

Once again Rick Allison, owner of American Thunder and his wife Nan headed the annual “Christmas Dreams Come True Ride”. Customers and friends donated cash and gifts to make the ride successful. Then a committee purchased and wrapped toys for needy children in the city. More than 275 motorcyclists participated in going from home to home in different parts of Tulare. All of those who received gifts from “Santa” were very grateful to the participants in the “Toy Run”.

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2009.12.24 03:30:26
Jeff Killion

I was honored to photograph the private “Change of Command“ceremony for our police department.  It was held Friday, December 18, 2009 to swear in our new Chief Jerry Breckinridge and receive the department flag from retiring Chief Roger Hill.

As a surprise for retiring Chief Hill, General Chuck Yeager, was in attendance.  He was a US Air Force test pilot and was the first human being to break the sound barrier; on October 14, 1947 he reached Mach 1.06 in the X-1 rocket plane.

I hope you enjoy viewing this link.  Should you like to purchase any of the candid photographs taken, you may do so online or at the studio.

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2009.12.24 03:28:55
Jeff Killion

I enjoyed taking candid photographs once again of this year’s party benefiting the Salvation Army.

In this tough economy the party still was able to raise over $75,000 to benefit about 600 families with boxes of food for the holidays. This community event included a live auction, by David Macedo, was able to generate about $10,000 with auction items donated by businesses and individual of our great community.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year on December 9th.

Thank you for all that participated. And, a special “Thank You” to the Taylor family for having this traditional event for our community and to the Salvation Army for all that you do to assist the families in need in Tulare.

Enjoy the photographs at the following link.

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2009.12.12 02:06:36
Jeff Killion

The Tulare Police Association held its 36th Annual Policeman’s Ball on December 5th, 2009 at the Heritage Complex in Tulare.

The association is a private, non-profit organization comprised of employees of the Tulare Police Department who support and encourage local youth.  All proceeds from the Policeman's Ball are used to donate to local youth and youth organizations providing financial support for positive youth activities.

It was a privilege for our business to take portraits for those who wanted them at the 2009 Tulare Policeman's Ball. Thank you for everyone who had yours taken.

While we were there we did take some candid photographs of the event. Following is a link to those photographs online for your viewing pleasure. If you want prints you can order them online using PayPal. Just click on the thumbnail and enter your order. You are also welcome to come to our studio and order here.

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2009.10.01 13:41:51
Jeff Killion

               We were happy to be part of the Valley Oak SPCA & Tailwaggers “5th Annual Dog Daze of Summer”. Below is the link to the pet portraits taken before the Dog Costume Parade.  Following the portraits are the photographs taken of the Dog Costume Parade and at the Pet Carnival.

               Portraits that were not picked up at the Carnival are available at VOSPCA.

See the photographs by clicking on the link below:

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2009.06.10 06:15:09
Jeff Killion

This morning the Tulare Union High School Class of 2009 had their Senior Breakfast at the Heritage Complex. We were there for a little while and here is the link to the photographs taken.

Congratulations to all the graduates in Tulare! 

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2008.12.26 14:36:45
Jeff Killion

               Is your hard drive getting full? Now that you have been renaming and storing your images in an organized manner it is easy to take the next step. Burning your images to DVDs allows you to remove them from your computer and free up space. The photographic industry recommendation for long term storage is the use of DVD-R disks. They have better long term life than CDs and rewritable disks. Also, it is better to leave some free space on the disk to avoid problem. A normal DVD will hold 4.7GB and I make it a practice to not exceed 4GB of data on a storage disk.

               Remember the folder you created "C:\PHOTOS_Originals"? Once this folder has at least 4GB of data it can be burned to DVD and free up that hard drive space. Make sure that when you are burning any DVD or CD you turn on the verify feature. My experience has been this will prevent losing files. It will take longer to burn and verify but it is well worth the additional time spent.

               Write next to the center hub of the DVD on the clear area a file number or serial number. This is the only area that you want to make any marks. Glue from labels and markers can penetrate the recordable layer of the disk and make it unreadable.

               Finally, handle the disks with extreme care. Don't bend, keep fingers off the surface and don't scratch the disk it will make it unreadable. As an additional layer of safety, I always burn two disks. One goes off site and the other one is becomes part of the permanent files.

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2008.12.26 14:34:58
Jeff Killion

               Think about the way that you are going to name your files and folders. You won't want to switch to a different method later. So, I really suggest that you plan ahead.

               I use the method of YYYYMMDD_serialnumber.extension. Because of the computer sorting from left to right I use the year-month-day format to keep the files in order.

               The same goes to naming your folders. Although in naming the folders I do hyphenate the date (2008-12-10) leave a space and then a short description. Later I will show you how to make a directory of your images using this information.

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2008.12.20 13:02:50
Jeff Killion

               There is no need to take your camera to the drug store to get the photos off your camera. You can do it yourself with very little work.

               Got a new digital camera for Christmas? Downloading the images from your camera can prove to be a challenge. Not only can images be lost then can be destroyed if you don't take a few steps to backup your images. Some simple steps can be taken and you won't lose any of those important photos.

1 - Use the windows copy and paste commands to save your photos rather than the programs that are exclusive to your camera or computer.

2 - Use the COPY command to move files from your memory card to your computer rather than CUT command. That will minimize the possibility of loss of images while copying the files.

3 - Copy the images into a folder "C:\PHOTOS_Originals" I will explain further in future blogs.

4 - Also save the same images in a different directory ie.  "C:\PHOTOS_Personal" and then in a subfolder "2008-12-25 ChristmasDay" and do all of your cropping, color balancing and retouching on these images. If you should happened to be working on the image and save it with a change you didn't want you can always go to the PHOTOS_Originals folder and get your original and then start over.

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